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Friday, June 12, 2015

Traveling with spotty internet

I have thought of several different blog posts but been unable to get online when they are seeming clear.  Right now we are 1 week into our 3 week running away trip.  San Francisco is nice because I lived in about 15 years ago so I have some sense of the geography but it is unfamiliar and takes all of my attention to navigate.  Today is R's bday, tears started the day.  She thought we'd have three Geminis in the family to combat my singular Leo-ness, but we do not.  We took a bus part way to Japantown, walked up all the hills, had sushi, picked up two different desserts and walked the several miles back.  I think the physical activity, and the wine, is helping for a calmer end of the day.  Also the in and out of denial makes a pretty big difference in functionality.  Sunday we are off to Big Sur on our southern leg.

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  1. Three weeks sounds great -- sometimes the first week of vacation seems like just getting used the idea of being away, of escaping. Having two more weeks after that sounds lovely. I hope that this trip brings you peace and some fun, even if it takes denial, to sustain you when you get back. Happy belated birthday to R!