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Sunday, April 5, 2015

The Service, planning

We'll be holding the service for our babies at the end of the month.  We have R's dad to officiate and as of today we have a friend - a really nice person who isn't a close friend - who will be playing live music.  We are slowly pulling together things we want to include, we found a really lovely service done by a Unitarian minister that we'd like to mimic in parts.   We have each written letters for the babies, mine needs to be reworked because it was written just days after we came home from the hospital and it is partially processing the sequence of events that we had experienced and I don't need to do that for the service.  I would like to include the part from the Velveteen Rabbit that talks about becoming real and how that is related to being well loved.  Other than that, I'm not sure.  I am really glad that we will have live music, it makes the service feel full to me even though it will be short and simple.  We are holding it in our back yard so hopefully it doesn't rain, if it does we'll have to rearrange our furniture and make due in our relatively small living room - which opens to our dining room to form a rectangular space.  We are only expecting a small number of people.  I wish our loved ones weren't spread out across the country, it would be so nice to have them present. I'd love to have a couple of my closest people read things.  We invited everyone to send anything they'd like present at the service which would then be put in the babies memorial books, we've already received two really beautiful poems.  

I do wish I was planning their baby shower instead.  My sweet babies.

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