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Monday, August 3, 2015


I love to look out at the garden, relax my eyes and become aware of all the busy bees buzzing everywhere.  The dark green tomato plants, punctuated by the  glowing orange of sungold cherries and the dark reds of the early girls, are freckled with tiny yellow flowers--future tomatoes. The lush green is framed by the brilliant purple russian sage and everything is all alive with bees.  The bees' translucent wings and fine hairs simmer in the heat as they erratically glide between flowers and plants.

Our yard, primarily as a result of R's planning, has flowers from the beginning of spring into the winter and bees are our number one visitors.  I can remember being afraid of bees (and I still feel that way about yellow jackets) but the shear quantity of lazy, happy bees for most of the year has eliminating that feeling.  Now when I come up our walkway between the two huge lavender bushes swarming with bees, I don't even pause as I brush up against them and they billow around my legs.  It feels like we are working together to create cone flowers, apples, honeysuckle, helenium and roses.  And we have succeeded.


  1. I love this so much. And those look like honeybees! I always feel a sense of accomplishment when I see my flowers swarming with bees (although mine are mostly bumblebees, we haven't seen many honeybees), all that good pollination happening. I feel a little like it's my own way of helping to create new life. The tomato flowers are always fun to watch...I saw a nature show once and the bees have just the right vibration to loose the pollen from the flowers. You can see it if you're looking for it. Your photo is glorious. Enjoy this beautiful summer and all the busy work of the bees! (Honeybees and bumblebees aren't mean-spirited...I'm terrified of yellowjackets/wasps/hornets myself. Even though technically they are also pollinators (some at least), they just seem unnecessarily aggressive.)

  2. Beautifully written :) I have some colonies of giant and terrifying wasps in my yard. It boggles the mind. As you can imagine, I'm not quite so relaxed about brushing through the lavender, but you certainly painted an idyllic picture of fecund cooperation!

  3. Wow - so beautiful! I've been terrified of bees (and any of the like) since forever and it keeps me from going near things that are so pretty, like flowers. So nice to read this!

  4. I love to hear from a fellow bee-lover. It helps that my name is Melissa which means honey bee, but I've always been okay with bees, even when they land on me.